Winter Blues

Have The Winter Blues Got You Feeling Unmotivated?


Winter is here and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.  When it’s cold it can be hard to stay motivated to get outdoors for regular exercise and simply just for fresh air. We tend to take on a “snuggle up” mentality meaning we eat more and do less – human hibernation!

Regularly exercising during the colder months helps with the wellbeing of our bodies, physically and mentally, along with so many other health benefits.

Here are the top 5 reasons to get outside!


1. It helps you get exercise

Walking outside makes you more likely to exercise, especially if you’re a kid. You don’t need a gym membership, transportation, or special equipment: Just walk right out your door. You can do many gym exercises at your local park with a simple incline, pull up bar, or set of steps. The push of the wind and the uneven ground can help you vary your workout and burn more calories.

2. It helps you get Vitamin D

It’s important for your bones, blood cells, and immune system. It also helps your body absorb more of certain minerals, like calcium and phosphorus. Your body needs sunlight to make it, but you don’t need much. In the summer, just getting sun for 5 to 15 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week, should do it. In the winter, you might need a bit more.

3.It lessens anxiety

Even a simple plant in the room, or pictures of nature, can make you feel less anxious, angry, and stressed. But it’s better if you get out of that room and go out. Exercise is good for anxiety too. But it’s even better if you do it outside, compared to inside a gym. Sunlight helps keep your serotonin levels up. This helps raise your energy and keeps your mood calm, positive, and focused.

4. It improves your sleep

The outdoors helps set your sleep cycle. Cells in your eyes need enough light to get your body’s internal clock working right. Early morning sunlight in particular seems to help people get to sleep at night. This may be more important as you age. When you’re older, your eyes are less able to absorb light, and you’re more likely to have problems with sleep.

5. It gives you better immunity

Better vitamin D production because of more sunlight is already good for your immune system. But the outdoors seems to help in other ways. Many plants put substances, including organic compounds called phytoncides, into the air that seem to boost immune function. Sunlight also seems to energize special cells in your immune system called T cells that help fight infection.


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Lindsay Atwell. Integrative Care Coordinator. Clinical Pilates Instructor



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