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What is Clinical Pilates? 

Clinical Pilates is a system of exercises using special apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture and enhance mental awareness within the repertoire of Pilates. ( Clinical Pilates focuses on the retraining and recruitment of core stabilizing muscles as well as improving posture, strength and flexibility.  Clinical Pilates is often used in conjunction with physiotherapy as a means of treating a variety of injuries to rehab and strengthen. 

The method of Pilates was designed by Joseph Pilates, who was born in Germany in 1883. As a child, Joe had asthma and other ailments. He turned to exercise and athletics to battle these ailments and was always studying various exercise regimens to expand his knowledge base. He became fascinated by the classical Greek ideal of a man balanced in body, mind, and spirit, and he began to develop his own exercise system based on this concept.  Pilates was first introduced in North America when Joseph moved to the United States in 1926.

Who will benefit from Clinical Pilates?

If you have been suffering for several years from a constant lower-back discomfort that you cannot seem to cure, it is probable that Clinical Pilates is the best route for you to take. The clinical assessment available to you will be able to help identify the root cause of your problem, and your Clinical Pilates can be mixed with physiotherapy to ensure that you are receiving the best possible training for you as an individual.

If you are not suffering from any specific ailment or issue, but you have expressed an interest in becoming stronger and feeling more in control of your body, Pilates is a great way to improve both your overall strength and your core.

If you have postural problems, then Clinical Pilates is a great option that will help you develop an awareness of your body in addition to increasing your overall strength and flexibility. 

The 5 health benefits of Clinical Pilates:


1)  Strengthens core muscles in general for both women and men

This is particularly talked about for women but men have a pelvic floor too! A weak or tight pelvic floor can sometimes lead to incontinence, hernias, hemorrhoids, coccyx pain, difficulty standing up from a seated position, and many other issues. As such, strengthening and retraining the core and pelvic floor becomes extremely important should these symptoms arise.

 2) Improves stability

By exercising the primary stabilizers and movers in the hips, shoulders, and ankles, Clinical Pilates can strengthen the muscles around those commonly injured joints and help with overall stability and movement which is essential for keeping the body functioning properly.

 3) Reduces overall pain

Clinical Pilates will help with neck pain and can also target inactive lower back muscles. This is particularly helpful for people who have a sedentary lifestyle and/or a desk job that doesn’t require a lot of physical activity during the day. 

Clinical Pilates will strengthen your weak muscles that are affected by sitting for a prolonged period of time, stooping, or bending your neck to watch images and videos on your cell phone so that you can be more resilient to muscle strain and injury.

4) Corrects overall posture  

Your posture plays a significant role in your overall health, strength, injury resistance, flexibility, and balance. With the help of a Physiotherapist, you will be able to make sure that your muscles have adequate length and strength for proper posture.

 5) Improves flexibility

In society today, people are more likely to have desk jobs or less active lifestyles which can cause poor flexibility and weak muscles.

Joints and tissues that have good flexibility are also more resilient and less prone to injury. Clinical Pilates balances the task of gaining flexibility paired with strength so that your body can handle the load you throw at it!

If you have questions about your specific injury and how to properly manage your symptoms we are happy to help!

Lindsay Atwell. Integrative Care Coordinator. Clinical Pilates Instructor


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