We all have certain guidelines that we can remember off by heart.  Like the time to wait after eating to swim, go to the dentist, or how much time to leave yourself before your flight departs.  But the question of how much sleep you should get?  The answer is not one size fits all for everyone.  Here are some key factors to help you know how much you need.



Sleep needs will change over time.  In our younger years when we are growing, it is normal to sleep half the day away or more!  As we age our bodies and minds require less sleep for optimal health.  Other factors other than age will determine how much sleep you need such as,

  • Genetic influences, there is a rare short-sleep gene mutation.  This has shown individuals with this genetic mutation to need 6 hours or less of sleep a night without any of the health effects.
  • Your physical and mental health impact how much sleep you need.  People that suffer from depression or anxiety get less deep sleep, therefore need more sleep to get the proper amount of rest.
  • Sleep needs vary for certain lifestyles.  Very active people and athletes require more sleep to recover from intense exercise or training.


Your goal is to find that “just right” amount of sleep that makes you feel rested, like you can take on the world!  The key is to develop good sleep habits, here are some tips you can try.  The average amount for people under 60 is to start with 8 hours.

  • Set a bedtime to give you the recommended amount and stick with it
  • Wake the same time every day
  • Create a relaxing bedtime routine
  • Avoid work, stressful discussions, and emotional issues 1 hour before bed
  • Make your room dark, quiet, and comfortable
  • Avoid caffeine 6-8 hours before bed
  • Don’t smoke, nicotine is a stimulant 
  • Avoid big meals before bed
  • Exercise 20 minutes per day
  • Limit TV, phone, tablets at least 1 hour before bed
  • Avoid alcohol 3 hours before bed

Give some of these a try for at least 2-3 weeks to create good habits and reevaluate how you feel.  Hopefully, you will once again “sleep like a baby”

By: Lindsay Atwell. Integrative Care Coordinator.


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