Youth Athlete Care Program

The Initial Assessment

Before we start your clinical Pilates sessions, we start with a 60-minute physiotherapy assessment to identify the areas that need to be addressed — whether that’s an injury or to improve your overall mobility. Then, we develop a Pilates program tailored to your specific needs. You’ll be oriented to the Pilates reformer and provided with some basic Pilates principles during this appointment. 

The initial assessment will include a detailed history, objective assessment, goal setting, initial treatment, and home exercises. Your initial appointment will be 60 minutes.

Areas to be assessed in each athlete:

  •   Over-all Range of Motion
  •   Neuro-dynamic
  •   Muscle flexibility
  •   Muscle strength

30-Minutes Follow-up Session

Follow-up appointments are typically 30 minutes and the recommendations are 4-6 weeks of consecutive treatments.

Treatment techniques may include:

  •   Manual Therapy
  •   Soft Tissue release
  •   Dynamic/static stretching
  •   Taping
  •   Exercise therapy
  •   Mobilization


What is the Youth Athlete Care Program?

This program is specialized for the age group of 9-16 years old athletes. This program focuses on prevention and management of injuries resulted from sports or any sports related activities/exercises. Athletes will be able to learn about their body mechanics in detail to understand their sports and body better. Generally, young athletes are not much aware about the importance of a healthy body in terms of playing sports. This is where Our Physiotherapists can help to guide them and aid them to get in better shape, near to perfect for their specific sports role/position.

This program is immensely different from regular physiotherapy programs as every athlete is treated according to current sports and current position in it. One is assessed based on their needs and performance in sports.

It’s not mandatory to have an injury to enrol in this program, athletes always need therapy to enhance their performance.  To maintain optimum performance level and to increase their sports lifespan, athletes need holistic programs that include all kinds of therapy to correct their body mechanics.

Considering all affected areas of the body, a personalized approach is used in this program. 

How to start with this program:

To start, you can call, email or book online on our website,

Contact number: 705-503-1250



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